The ice hockey family received news of a sad death this weekend with the loss of 56-year-old Rich, whose son Ed is just embarking on a journey in this great sport of ours.

Rich, partner to Sara for 20 years and father to 24-year-old Joe and 18-year-old Ed, passed away on Sunday of unknown causes.

He was found by Ed, collapsed on the living room floor of the family home. Despite an ambulance being called and Sara performing CPR, nothing could be done to save him.

With Ed due at his first university lecture the very next morning, as well his university ice hockey trials the following night, losing his dad and best friend was the furthest thing from his mind.

Ed not only went to his first lecture and his trials, but made the Nottingham university team for the 2023-24 season in the face of adversity.

Rich was an ice hockey parent and was at every game and practice, travelling to wherever it was needed and even attending those late-night practices that get you home long after midnight.

Anyone who was privileged enough to meet Rich, especially at the side of a rink, instantly warmed to him as he shared his love of his family, stories from his life and how proud he was of Ed’s hockey talent.

A fundraising page has been set-up to support the family in this difficult time. If you wish to donate, click here.