Great Britain and Ice Hockey UK have linked-up with Her Game Too to be a catalyst for positive change for women within our fantastic sport on and off the ice. 

Her Game Too was founded by 12 passionate female football fans who wanted to foster an ethos in football in which women are welcomed and respected equally.

They have now expanded other sports with the same goals – to make each sport inclusive and a safe sport for women

The #HerGameToo ice hockey campaign has four main aims…

1. Turning the campaign into reality: Continue to campaign to eradicate sexism from ice hockey and strive for equality within the game.

2. Being a voice for fans: Speak on behalf of our fans giving them a collective voice on the most important issues.

3. Champion the game for women: Promote and champion initiatives to strive for more women working, coaching, refereeing, volunteering and being fans within the game.

4. Developing Her Game Too: Work to secure the future of Her Game Too by evolving the organisation and sustaining its future.

Her Game Too Co-founder and Director, Emily Drakeley, said: “We believe that discrimination towards women and girls in sport is not limited to just football, so we have expanded our campaign across other sports where we can support, encourage and inspire women in the game.

“We are keen to shine the light on the sport and are excited about our next Her Game Too chapter with ice hockey.” 

GB Women’s Manager, Claire Rowbotham, said: “I had seen what Emily and her team had done for other sports and felt this was important for ice hockey in the UK.

“The women’s team is very passionate to be ambassadors for the sport, not just for now but to pave the way for the girls they are inspiring and who will follow in their footsteps.

“I’d like to thank Ice Hockey UK for getting on-board with such an important campaign and I believe this will help women and girls in the sport now and for generations to come.”

GB Women’s Head Coach, Mike Clancy, said: “Ice hockey is obviously a huge passion of mine and I want to ensure that women and girls now – and in generations to come – have the opportunity to play and progress within our sport no matter their background.

“We want to encourage more women and girls to participate in playing ice hockey and by working with the Her Game Too campaign, the additional support network and community can only make the sport stronger. I look forward to working alongside the team at Her Game Too and am excited about this partnership we’re building.”

Ice Hockey UK CEO, Henry Staelens, said: “We’re really pleased to partner with Her Game Too. They’ve made a great impact in other sports.

“We’ll work with them across the UK ice hockey landscape to ensure it continues to be a welcoming and respectful community for all.”