The National Ice Centre in Nottingham was the venue for a special World Girls Ice Hockey Weekend event on Saturday.

The Nottingham Vipers hosted the day – in partnership with Ice Hockey UK – where around 25 girls took to the ice ranging from six to 41 years old.

Participants arrived at the rink, collected their equipment and got ready to take to the ice.

The session was delivered by players and coaches from the Nottingham Vipers, running through the basic skills before the players were able to put them to the test in a cross-ice game.

Following the on-ice activity, the players took to the stands to watch the Nottingham Vipers face-off against the Solway Sharks in their second league match of the season.

Ryan Rathbone, Operations Manager (Ice Sports) at the National Ice Centre, said: “It was great to see the girls on the ice trying hockey for the first time.

“There was lots of smiles and everyone left the ice excited for the game in the afternoon.

“This was a fantastic day and events like this increases participation, as well raising awareness of female hockey and the opportunity for females to take to the ice in a fun and safe environment.

“A couple of the players supporting the delivery of the event were recruited after taking part in previous World Girls Ice Hockey Weekend events, so it just underlines the influence and importance it can have on people.”