SMP Europe are showcasing two new charity warm-up jerseys this weekend which are being used in the two games against Poland.

They’ve often used the warm-up games to raise funds for charity and recently donated £30,000 to help the fight against Breast Cancer.

The money was raised in collaboration with Ice Hockey UK and utilised the pre-tournament events and fan engagement.

This year marks a change for SMP Europe who are not only changing their sponsorship to their Intermotor brand, but also the donations for the fundraiser will be going to a different destination.

Previously, all funds raised have been donated to support breast cancer charities. However, the company has announced today that this will change.

Intermotor Managing Director, Ross Toomey, said: “We are so very proud to have supported Breast Cancer charities over the past few years and the amount raised is fantastic.

“We are particularly grateful for the support of IHUK and all the fans who engaged with us and shared your stories and contributed to the success of the effort.

“We are keenly aware that there are many causes which are well worthy of support and so this year we will be focussing our effort on several different causes.

“We have learned the power of the British ice hockey community in coming together to support those in need and we hope to continue to receive that support to assist our efforts in future. Thank you all.”

Ice Hockey UK General Secretary, Andy French, said: “As ever, I’d like to thank Intermotor for their support. Their commitment to Great Britain is just fantastic.

“The special thing is their commitment to charity too. The work they do with fundraising inspiring and we’d like to thank them and our amazing GB fans for their support for the charities.”

This year will see the funds raised through the sale of the warm-up jerseys split. Half will be donated to Prostate Cancer Charity, a cause which has affected so many and for which SMP already work to support.

The second half of fund will be donated to a charity selected by the family of Mike Hammond who sadly passed away last year. The MH21 logo appears on the warm-up jerseys, as well as the game jerseys used in this year’s warm-up games.

The warm-up jerseys themselves are designed with this split focus in mind, using two accent colours instead of Intermotor’s usual Pink charity colourway. The design is styled to highlight the two different colours representing the two charities supported.

There is a white and black version of the jerseys. Each will be worn prior to the Poland games and will be available for sale from the GB Supporters’ Club stands in Leeds and Nottingham for £120.

Ross Toomey added: “SMP Europe would like to thank IHUK for their help and support in our charitable efforts, as well as the GB Supporters’ Club in assisting with the sale of these special jerseys.

“Finally, we would like to thank all those who have supported our past efforts and those who will do so in future. We are very proud of the work we do but it would not be possible without the support of the British ice hockey community.”