Great Britain finished in an impressive third place at the Under-16 Women’s Evolve Cup in the Netherlands this weekend.

Two wins from four matches in the robin-robin stage saw them secure a place directly in the semi-finals.

GB were fantastic in their semi-final against the Through Generation Two team, but were eventually beaten 4-3 after overtime.

Congratulations to Ida Oksanen who was named Great Britain’s MVP of the tournament. Thank you to HockeyStation for providing the prize of £50.

Round-Robin Stage 
Great Britain 0-3 Through Generation Two
DL Hockey 0-3 Great Britain – Goals: Evie-Mae Tindale, Sophie-Rose Davies, Meeyah Forbes
Great Britain 2-7 Through Generation One – Goals: Rebecca Voslinsky 2
Great Britain 3-1 Team Evolve – Goals: Rebecca Voslinsky, Milla Pironi, Mai Sullivan

Great Britain 3-4 Through Generation Two (after overtime) – Goals: Sophie-Rose Davies, Meeyah Forbes, Milly Thulbourne