News release from UKAD

UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) has today confirmed that ice hockey player Nicky Watt will serve an additional 18-month ban from sport following a breach of the terms of his original ban.

Mr Watt had been serving an eight-year ban from sport effective from 17th June 2014 for two anti-doping rule violations.

In 2019, UKAD became aware that Mr Watt, while serving his ban, had been assisting athletes registered with the English Ice Hockey Association.

Contrary to the terms of his ban, Mr Watt was providing these athletes with both general fitness training and off-ice sport specific (ice hockey) training.

On 22nd July 2022 following a full investigation, UKAD charged Mr Watt with a breach of Article 10.12.1 of the UK Anti-Doping Rules (UK ADR) and proposed an additional period of ineligibility of 18 months by way of sanction.

Mr Watt denied the charge and sought for the matter to be determined at a hearing before the National Anti-Doping Panel (NADP).

On 19th April 2023, the NADP handed down a decision that found Mr Watt had breached the terms of his original ban and imposed a further 18-month period of ineligibility.

Mr Watt’s 18-month ban commenced on 17th June 2022 and will expire at 23:59 on 16th December 2023.

UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) Director of Legal & Regulatory Affairs, Nisha Dutt, said: “This case serves as a reminder that athletes who ignore the conditions of their ban may face further action by UKAD to the detriment of their career.

“Any athlete who is unclear on what they can and cannot do whilst banned should contact UKAD for clarification.

“Athletes, even whilst banned, must abide by the anti-doping rules which are in place to protect the integrity of sport and ensure a level playing field.”